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The Department has managed to collect both colonial and contemporary records from Government Ministries and Departments and are well listed, preserved and open to the public.The records which are in the National Archives are as follows:-

(a) German Records (1890-1918)

There is a collection of over 8000 Files of the German administration in Tanganyika for the period 1890-1918 and are in German language.Guides to the series are available.

(b)Tanganyika Secretariat Record (1919-1960)

Over 30,000 Files of the Chief Secretary’s Office under the British colonial period (1919-1960) are available.

(c) Provincial (Regional) and District Administrative Archives.

These are files from the former provinces and districts and post independence era.All these records are arranged according to provenance and original order at the National Archives.In additional to files, there are 12 Provincial and 114 District Books.

(d)Church Archives and Private Papers 1885-1980s

The Archives houses a small collection of private papers, such as: Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (UMCA) log books from Zanzibar, Minaki, Korogwe, Mheza, Tunduru, Singida, Magila, Mukuzi and Umba; private papers of individuals like; Shaaban Robert, Saadan Kandoro, Kanyama Chiume of Malawi etc.

(e) Post independence Archives from Ministries, Independent Departments, Regions, District and Parastatals organisation.

(f) Maps and plans

A collection of maps and plans from the German and British Colonial period to post independence.


A few photographs relating to Tanzania and its people from the German and British period to post independence.

(h)Stamps 1963-2000

Old Stamps of Tanganyika and Present Tanzania.